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+2700 GTPI Bulls at IPS

ROCK SPRINGS, WISC. – Following the release of the August sire summaries, International Protein Sires unveiled an excellent group of supreme genomic tested bulls, all over +2700 GTPI.  “We are pleased to announce the latest information on our genomic tested young sires, six of which exceed +2700 GTPI.  Several of our mainline sires made substantial genetic gains; however the new releases exhibit even more superior numbers.  With the passing of each sire summary, the IPS lineup gains prestige; sire performance that dairy farmers depend on.  This performance translates into durable cattle with profitable milk production,” stated Ron Sersland, President and CEO of IPS.
A leader among the IPS pack is 566HO1281 DARKHORSE at +2714 GTPI; a member of top 200 GTPI sires.  DARK HORSE excels in both performance and type.  His superior production shows +1,544 Milk, +68 Fat and  (+.04%F) and +54 Protein (+.03%P).  Conformation ratings for DARKHORSE are +3.02 Type and +3.20 Udder Composite. According to the Holstein USA's Redbook Plus Program, there are only three bulls in the breed above +2700 GTPI that are also over +3.00T and +3.00 UDC.  As a member of this group, DARKHORSE is among the breed’s elite.
A new addition to the +2700 GTPI group is 566HO1284 ANIMAL.  This Modesty son has supreme ratings of +2742 GTPI, +869 NM$ and +8.4 PL. The facets that elevated these ratings include: +1,364 Milk, +86 Fat (+.13%) and +44 Protein  (+.01%). In addition, ANIMAL shines in conformation with +2.19 Type and +2.23 Udder Composite. For followers of the analysis mating guide, ANIMAL has the unique aAa: 465.
566HO1269 BOOST is an exciting triple plus type bull at +2719 GTPI.  BOOST has substantial ratings for all major type categories; +2.99 Type, +3.03 Udder Composite and +2.55 Foot & Leg Composite.  The bull excels for milk yield at +1,134 Milk.  His components are exceptional with +70 Fat (+.10%) and +50 Protein (+.03%). In addition, note his A2A2 status along with being BB for Kappa Casein.  He is backed by a VG, two-year-old Meridian daughter, while his grandam is an EX-94 Shottle daughter with 55,290 Milk and 2,029 Fat.
566HO1282 JACKSON-RED enters the IPS lineup as the #2 type Red & White genomic tested bull in the breed. JACKSON-RED has elite ratings for conformation qualities; +3.31 Type, +2.53 Udder Composite, +1.89 Foot & Leg Composite and +2.18 Body Depth. Note also, his dairy form is +2.52. JACKSON-RED is sired by Diamondback and from an Excellent Gold Chip daughter. Look for JACKSON-RED to sire wide cattle with spring of rib and dairy form.
Another exciting addition to the IPS stable is 566HO1280 GEORGE-RED with +2344 GTPI. This milk specialist enters the lineup at +1,956 Milk and +2.74 Type. These credentials rank GEORGE-Red #2 for milk and #1 for protein among Red & White genomic sires. GEORGE-Red is sired by Ladys-Manor Advice from a two-year old daughter of Dresser. 
These sterling advancements serve to bolster the IPS Holstein sire lineup. And, support the IPS philosophy to provide balanced genetics for superior performance and conformation; highly sought after attributes by dairy farmers worldwide. IPS semen is available around the globe through company employees and independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, you may obtain additional information about IPS through their website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593