International Protein Sires

Recent News

ROCK SPRINGS, WISC. – Following the release of the August sire summaries, International Protein Sires unveiled an excellent group of supreme genomic tested bulls, all over +2700 GTPI.  “We are pleased to announce the latest information on our genomic tested young sires, six of which exceed +2700 GTPI.  Several of our mainline sires made substantial genetic gains; however the new releases exhibit even more superior numbers.  With the passing of each sire summary, the IPS lineup gains prestige; sire performance that dairy farmers depend on.  This performance translates into durable cattle with profitable milk production,” stated Ron Sersland, President and CEO of IPS.
With the August 2017 Sire Summary, changes were made to the TPI, Udder Composite (UC) and Foot and Leg Composite (FLC) Formulas. Following is a news release from the Holstein Association USA with more information about these changes.