International Protein Sires

About Us

Our Help, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Ron and Sandy Sersland. Ron was raised on a registered Holstein dairy farm while Sandy was raised on her parents grade Holstein farm. Ron is proud to be the third generation to own his family farm.

As an A.I. company sales representative, Ron traveled to many international countries. He often received numerous requests for products difficult to find outside of the United States. For the most part, these products were not agricultural related. The Sersland’s founded “Our Help, Inc.” as a service and way to help international customers receive these hard-to-get items.

Unfortunately, Sandy passed away in 1994. Ron continued to grow and expanded the business. The company’s philosophy is based upon providing customers quality products while providing excellent customer service.

In 1997, Our Help, Inc. purchased Global Link, an agriculture supply company. This company brought in new customers from Mexico and the far east.

In 1999, Our Help, Inc. purchased 50 percent of an American artificial insemination company called INTERNATIONAL PROTEIN SIRES (IPS). Two years later, Our Help, Inc. purchased 100 percent of this company.

IPS was originally founded in 1991 by two Wisconsin Holstein legends: Marlowe Nelson and Alvin Piper. Ron had known these two men since his childhood. Soon, IPS will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Today, Our Help, Inc. is owned by Ron and his wife, Nelly Sersland. IPS’s current customer list looks like a "Who's Who" of internationally-known companies. In 2020, IPS shipped semen to 40 different international country. IPS works with some of the largest agricultural companies and dairy cooperatives around the world. Domestically, semen is marketing through an extensive network of employees and distributors. Ron is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese which allows direct communication with many international representatives.

IPS is pleased to provide a wide-range of dairy cattle genetics, with something to offer even the most discerning of selection criteria. High GTPI, High Type, Red & White, Polled, Robot Milking Environments, Grazing, unique aAa and DMS with daughter Proven and Genomic sires: IPS is committed to providing unique and solid genetic sires from solid cow families. Please call anytime... and talk cows!

Current office employees (left to right):
Dianne Vielhuber, Ron Sersland, Nelly Sersland, Laura Koenig, J.T. Pfaff, Bailey Sersland, Bob Traynor and Eric Taylor.